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Marketing my products in China

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Avoiding Scams/Frauds
  • Relationships and Networking

As Chinese companies have evolved over the past few decades, they have quickly turned into very sophisticated business systems and practices; creating both opportunities and challenges for foreign businesses. Although the East-West cultural difference continues to pose a major challenge to foreign enterprises carrying out marketing in China, companies that make an effort to understand such variations and integrate them into their marketing strategies stand a greater chance of succeeding in the China market. Godspeed Technology is dedicated to provide its customers its expertise gathered over the years in marketing foreign brands and goods in the Chinese market.

Social Media Marketing

92% of Chinese netizens use one of the numerous social media options available in China, and many consumers regularly post messages on online forums or blogs. As in Western markets, the huge popularity of such social media in China offers efficient and effective promotion and marketing channels. A mistrust of traditional media channels and advertising, along with the heightened significance of networking within Chinese society makes China especially suited to marketing through social media. For example, many Chinese buyers and technical staff frequently resort to online communities to evaluate products and services.

Considering the fact that social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China, local Chinese social media sites tend to be quite different from what traditional social media looks like and how it operates.

Avoiding Scams/Fraud

Customers based outside China are vulnerable to scams and fraud while conducting business through China. Godspeed Technology highly skilled and professional team makes sure that its customers enjoy a safe and profitable business in China.

Relationships And Networking

Relationships, known as GuanXi in Chinese form the integral part of Chinese business culture. Being a collectivist society, all Chinese businesses put a great emphasis on personal relationships; be it the private or the government sector. Working with Godspeed Technology means that our customers enjoy a wide social network of trustworthy business persons and companies to achieve their goals.