I need help with

Private labeling of my products

  • Repacking and Bundle Wrap
  • Custom-Designed Labels, Bags and Cartoons
  • Logo Design
  • Regulations and standards consultation
  • Coordinate With Multiple Suppliers

Repackaging and Bundle Wrap

Godspeed Technology provides its customers with the optional service to repackage the shipment and bundle wrapping according to the clients specifications at one of our local warehouses. Especially useful for clients who are consolidating their shipments from a number of suppliers from around China.

Custom-Designed Labels, Bags and Cartons

Godspeed Technology will provide its clients custom designed labels, bags and cartons depending on their needs, taste and requirements.

Logo Design

Launching a a new product? Our experts will help you through the design process to printing, so you dont have to worry about anything anymore.

Regulations and standards consultation

For those customers who want to promote their products within the Chinese market need to abide by the Chinese regulations and standards and have to have all the information translated in to Chinese. Our team of experts will take your through the whole process in a seamless manner.

Coordinate With Multiple Suppliers

Godspeed Technology helps its customers to consolidate its order in to one bulk shipment if the order is placed through a number of different suppliers. Using our cutting edge multi-supplier management system our team will keep track of different product range, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), production lead time, payments and delivery locations. With other value added services such as uniform packaging, repackaging, bundle wrap and quality inspection, this service can truly be called as one stop shop for trading in China.