Godspeed Technology China Trading Services. Your one Stop Solution in China.

Godspeed Company Limited based in Shenzhen, China has offices in Guangzhou,China and Shenzhen,China. We have been involved in international trading since 2010. Started as a small trading company, Godspeed Technology has proved itself as the experts in trading, consulting, sourcing and logistics over the years.

In last few years Godspeed team has built a network of suppliers and manufactures throughout China in order to meet your needs related to successful trading. Working on your behalf we are organizing and attending business trips, visiting factories, wholesale markets and all important fairs in the region.

Today, we have the knowledge and resources to coordinate projects from the very beginning till the end. Our team of both Chinese and International professionals are here to ensure that our service live up to your consistently high standards.

We are proud to say that due to your trust and confidence Godspeed Technology has experienced an increase in business activities.

Working on your behalf, Godspeed’s China Sourcing and Consulting team collects samples, reviews product quality, and provides you with expert guidance on how to proceed with a successful sourcing/ordering/ shipping operation in China and Southeast Asia.

With the help of Godspeed you can identify the most capable, reliable and experienced manufacturers in China to work with.

Godspeed, Your Connection with China.